Sharpers Playing Cards

Sharpers Playing Cards
Sharpers Playing Cards Sharpers Playing Cards

Sharpers Playing Cards

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Designed by Gianfranco Preverino, the Biggest Italian expert of Gambling Tricks, this deck reflects the two passions of its creator: the world of gamblers and music.
Sharper, in fact, is the archaic name used in England to indicate gamblers; but sharp in English also is a musical annotation and for centuries the Brits played with this double meaning. The deck therefore is homage to the two meanings of the word, mixing gambling elements with musical elements, and the dominant theme on the backs is the symbol of the sharp annotation (diesis). 
The word Sharpers is an ambigram that allows you to read it even after rotating the card by 180°, while the drawing on the case reproduces the hand of the creator that receives a Queen of spades thanks to a hold-out (a typical gamblers instrument) . The Ace of Spades is fascinating, its design being two mirrored treble clefs. The Joker ... is a true surprise. The white border of the back is of the same size as the classic Bicycles, and except for the ace of Spades, all the faces are standard: in this way the deck will not only be a collectors object but also a great deck for performers that want slightly different cards, but without sacrificing the clarity of classic designs.
Designed by Jonathan Cadenazzi, only 2500 decks have been printed by US Playing Cards.
• The cards are poker size.

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