Infinity Playing Cards

Infinity Playing Cards

Infinity Playing Cards

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Infinity encompasses everything by enclosing everything to infinity! On the backs of the cards - as well as on the joker - two parrots are depicted as they emerge from black holes; these birds symbolize the sky, while the earth is the branch on which they rest. And the sky and earth indicate the whole present in the universe.
Infinity is a deck of cards suitable for both magic and cardistry. The cards, due to the crushed stock that is used, seem less than they actually are and this makes them handle fantastically.
The beautifully crafted deck was produced by the USPCC, so you can already imagine its great quality. All kings and jacks have been modified and customized ... try to recognize them! The design of the deck was made almost entirely by hand.
The deck is enriched by some special cards:
1 gimmick card - 1 duplicate of the queen of hearts - 1 normal joker and 1 gimmick joker.
The tutorial of the possible effects with the gimmick cards will be available, soon, on the YouTube channel "D3psy".

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