Classic Twins

Classic Twins
Classic Twins Classic Twins Classic Twins Classic Twins Classic Twins Classic Twins

Classic Twins

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Limited availability. Double pack, so 2 decks!

New double deck (1 red and 1 blue) in one package with a classic, elegant back design.

New and Exclusive Features Introduced with The Classic Twins!

The mantra at Expert PCC is to innovate, always innovate. And even while innovating we always keep the working sleight of hand performer in mind. With the ClassicTwin, we proudly introduce some revolutionary new playing card features with a series built for performance.

New Classic Finish: Discovered by Lawrence Sullivan and a year in development, this new finish has a different embossing pattern and feel than our Master Finish. It's a tiny bit thicker and a little more flexible, while maintaining the high quality and excellent edges of our Master Finish. We named it Classic Finish because we think it will be considered similar to the finish of classic American cards from a few years ago. Two-Deck Twin Box: Classic Twins are also an introduction to an Expert PCC exclusive two-deck twin box. This convenient tuck box made of fine stock (embossed and printed using UV spot coating for exceptional detail), holds two poker packs and still maintains the proportions of a single deck tuck. These two decks feature a beautiful back design (one red deck and one blue).

Expert Classic Faces:We have had these retro-style faces drawn by hand;they resemble the faces used on many standard decks today but have their own Art Nouveau style. Magicians using these cards don't need to fear that their audiences will think them suspicious, but they are different enough from standard to be extremely appealing.

Synthetic Tuck (on Classic Black deck only): After years of development and experimentation we are introducing our new synthetic tuck material! This is a paper that is made synthetically and is waterproof and extremely durable. It will hold up much longer than a paper stock and allow the working professional true protection for his pack.This is an amazing tuck for an amazing deck.For the Classic Black deck, the naturally milky white stock has been printed completely black inside and out.The text and image on the box is also done in black but raised from the surface of the box by using spot UV coating.The Classic Black is a limited edition deck featuring the same back design and faces as the Classic Twins but printed in black ink.

All of these innovations, the Classic Finish, Expert Classic Faces,Twinbox design, UV spot coating and synthetic tuck material will now immediately be available for use by our custom-order customers.

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